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I love Amazon. (And no, they did not pay me to say that.  I’m pretty sure Amazon is doing just fine without my measly endorsement.)

That statement is said purely based on the genuine feelings of love that I have for Amazon. To be more specific, Amazon Prime and Amazon Smile (branch of Amazon that donates a portion of every purchase to your charity of choice), because I like to get my shit delivered fast AND I like to give back to charity so that I can feel like my purchase wasn’t totally in vain.

Why Do I Love Amazon?

Oh Amazon, how I love thee, let me count the ways…

Let’s see…I love the wide selection of items available (you can legit buy just about ANYTHING), I love the reasonable pricing, I love the quick delivery, and I love the fact that I never have to change out of my pajamas or leave my couch when I need dog food or face wash or any number of other things.

I love it for all of the same reasons that you, and the rest of the world, likely do.

Is This Really Just a Post About My Love for Amazon…?

No.  I Swear.

But it is about some of the specific items that I love from Amazon.

So, last night as I was laying in bed, I decided to check on my latest purchase from Amazon to see when it would be arriving – which is ridiculous because I already knew it would be arriving Tuesday.  But I like to obsessively ‘Track My Package’ the second after I order something, just to make sure it will really be in my instant-gratification-needing hands ASAP.

Anyways, once I confirmed that it would indeed arrive Tuesday, I started scrolling through my looooooooong list of Amazon purchases.

While some of the items definitely made me shake my head, thinking, ‘Why the F did I waste my money on that?’, there were a handful of items that I realized I simply love and cannot live without.

Which made me think, why not share these absolute tried and true, most-loved Amazon purchases with you!  Who knows, maybe you’ll find it useful and discover something that you too, can’t live without.  (Or I’ll just inspire you to waste your time and money on Amazon and you’ll be silently cursing me out later.)  But hopefully, it’s the former!

There’s really no way to categorize these purchases, they are kinda all over the map – beauty products, kitchen gadgets, supplements, pet stuff, etc.  But the one thing that they all have in common is that I regularly use and love these items!

If you are interested in purchasing any of these items, simply click on the product title to follow the link!!

(Please excuse the obvious use and wear/tear on some of the items photographed – just goes to show how much I use and love them!!)

Hawaiian Tropic Island Radiance Self Tanning Creme, Medium, 6oz

(I have currently am OUT of this lotion – and DYING…so, please excuse the stock photo.)

I have been a faithful user of this lotion for 8 years.  EIGHT YEARS.

My marriage didn’t even last that long!! (Not sure if that says more about my marriage or how amazing this lotion is! Hmmm…)

The consistency is creamy and luxurious but not greasy.  It moisturizes SO WELL, dries fairly quickly, and gives you the perfect amount of bronzed color over time.  NEVER orange or streaky.  Plus, it smells good and is affordable.  Or at least it was until Amazon recently seemed to stop stocking it and jacked up the price on what they do have available.

But it is absolutely my number one favorite product and I will patiently wait until Amazon brings it back for its usual price of around $10.  If you absolutely want to try this lotion today, check Ulta, they usually carry it too.

Great Lakes Gelatin Collagen Hydrolysate Beef, Kosher, 16 oz.

Last Christmas I was eating at my brother-in-law’s house and noticed how amazing his brother’s wife’s skin was.  When I asked her, she told me that she had started using collagen powder in her coffee and tea and smoothies.

Collagen powder?

I was under the impression collagen was applied topically…but after a little research I found that I was dead wrong.  Collagen helps build and restore your cells internally.  Meaning that it is best taken in the form of a supplement.  It helps to regulate metabolism, keep bones and joints strong, and beautify hair, nails, and skin.

As I was nearing 35 years old at the time, I immediately ordered myself some – and I’m HOOKED.

Now, I don’t honestly know if it has reduced my wrinkles, but I can say my skin is bright and supple looking.  My hair seems to grow faster and my nails are definitely stronger.

I add it to my coffee each morning and my smoothie each afternoon.  It is tasteless, odorless, and dissolves almost instantly.  Your taste buds will never even know it’s there, but your body definitely will.

In a world where aging is like the black plague, why not fight off the signs of aging and do something good for your body at the same time? Couldn’t hurt.

Jokari Healthy Steps Avocado Pro 5-in-1 Multi-Tool

I know, I know what you’re thinking – why not just use a knife and a spoon to cut and mash your avocado?  Do I really need a special tool?

No.  Probably not.

But if you eat a lot of avocados, like I do, this thing is awesome!  And cheap! (Around $8)

It makes taking out the pit, slicing, and mashing your avocado a breeze.  And it’s useful for other types of mashing too – potatoes, berry compote, DIY breadcrumbs.

It’s not essential, but it is useful.  And cheap.  And easy to clean.  I love it.  And I use it daily.

LIGHTDESIRE Water Resistant Shockproof Aluminum Military Bumper Shell Case for iPhone 6/6S – Silver

Ever broken your phone?  Cracked your screen?

NEVER AGAIN with this case.  It is a BEAST.

I was a teacher and am still around kids frequently, and they looove to play on my phone.  And they also love to drop it.  Which is what prompted me to buy this case.

Honestly, there are a ton of sturdy cases for your iPhone out there – but I am convinced this one is the best.  One reviewer said that he drove over his phone with a tractor and it remained in tact in this case – I immediately clicked ‘purchase’ after reading that.

I won’t lie, this thing is heavy.  But I figure, bonus – I get a workout every time I lift it to text or talk!  It’s also pretty big.  The checkout guy at the grocery store called it a ‘spaceship’ when I put it on the counter.

But if you can get past those two things, which I can, it is amazing.  My phone has been dropped, thrown, stepped on, fallen down the stairs, left in the sand – you name it, it’s been through it.  And this case has kept it 100% safe and working.

Plus, it’s super affordable.  Way more affordable than replacing your screen or entire phone.

Sand Escape Compact Outdoor Beach Blankets / Picnic Blanket- 7′ X 9′ 20% Bigger Than Other Blankets. Made From Strong Parachute Nylon. Includes Built In Sand Anchors & Valuables Pocket

I live in Atlanta, so I don’t frequent the beach and I am no expert on beach gear.  But a recent trip to the beach with 3 adults, 5 kids, and 2 dogs prompted me to find a large towel-like thing that wouldn’t be heavy to schlep around, wouldn’t blow away, and could fit all (or most) of us on it.

Enter the Sand Escape Blanket.

A little more than I wanted to spend but this thing was a life-saver.  It gave us a real base camp for all of our stuff on the beach (and boy, was there a lot of stuff).

I love the little pockets all around the perimeter of it that you fill with sand so that it won’t blow away – they really work!  It’s super lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around and easy to shake off when it gets covered in sand.  The lightweight material also kept it from getting too hot in the Florida sun, so we could walk on it without scalding our feet.

My favorite part?  It is super-duper easy to shove back into the carrying case that STAYS ATTACHED (this is key because you don’t have to keep track of an additional bag to put it back into).  Takes all of fifteen seconds to stuff it back in the little bag and voila, you have a compact blanket to-go.  More of a tarp really, but you get the idea.

This would also be ideal for camping, concerts, festivals – really any type of outdoor activity that you don’t want to be stuck on the ground!

Moon Cheese, 2 Oz. Pack of Three (Assortment)

Okay, the name sounds weird.  Really, the whole concept is weird but…this shit is DELICIOUS! And it just so happens to fit in to my new Keto-friendly lifestyle.

These little bags of freeze-dried cheese are high in protien, low in carbs, and really hit the spot when you want a little crunchy snack but don’t want to dive into a bag of Doritos.  (I mean, I always WANT to dive into Doritos but my waistline feels differently.)

I took these to the beach, to the movies, hiking – they are lightweight, somewhat affordable, tasty, and healthy.  Yum.

Amara Organics Vitamin C Serum for Face 20% with Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin E, 1 fl. oz.

I am not into putting 800 bazillion different creams and lotions and potions on my face in the morning and night.  I like to keep it simple – I still use a bar of Cetaphil Facial Soap and a loofah to wash my face, I don’t use toner, I don’t use wrinkle cream….I only use this Vitamin C serum.

I have tried several different Vit C serums, and this is my fave!  If you don’t know the benefits of applying Vit C topically, Google it – it’s great for wrinkles, dark spots, large pores – the list goes on and on.

Now, my skin is pretty simple – I have a few wrinkles popping up, it gets oily sometimes but nothing crazy, I don’t really get pimples anymore, but I do have some larger pores.  Basically, my skin goals are to fight the signs of aging and keep my skin looking bright and fresh – which this serum seems to do!

It absorbs quickly, has no real smell, and leaves my skin feeling moisturized but not greasy!!! Win Win Win!

Fake Bake Flawless

I like to be tan year-round.  But I would NEVER go in a tanning bed knowing how harmful it is and I can’t afford to get spray tans regularly – and Fake Bake is my life-saving solution that gives me a perfect glow all year long!

It comes with a nifty little application mit and if you use it as directed, by rubbing in circles, you end up with a beautiful bronzed look minus those nasty streaks.

It dries super-fast and leaves you looking tan immediately, but then continues to sink in and allow you to develop a longer-lasting color.  I legit go through this stuff like crazy.  I cannot stress it enough – whether you are wanting to have a little color for a special event or just for the heck of it, BUY THIS.  It is easy to use, affordable, and produces a beautiful, natural color.  I LOVEEEE it!

I cannot recommend this product enough – whether you are wanting to have a little color for a special event or just for the heck of it, BUYT THIS.  It is easy to use, affordable, and produces a beautiful, natural color.  I LOVEEEE it!

TaoTronics Bluetooth Headphones Wireless In Ear Earbuds Sports Sweatproof Earphones with Built in Mic (Cordless 4.1, Secure Ear Hooks Design, 7 Hours Play Time)

If you don’t have bluetooth headphones yet and are still walking around with your headphones plugged into your phone – you are MISSING OUT.  C’mon now, get with the times!

Bluetooth headphones allow you to listen to music, watch streaming services, or talk on the phone without having to be plugged into you phone, tablet, or computer.

Initially, I wanted headphones for the gym, but once I got these, I literally have them in my ears all the time.  They stay put no matter how hard you work out, produce great sound, are easy to connect to multiple devices, allow you to easily carry on phone conversations without having to hold your phone, work well even if you move a good distance away from your device, and best yet – they are affordable!!

I LOVE these headphones.  I’m on my second pair (only because I broke off the charger in the first pair and IMMEDIATELY ordered a replacement pair) and I am telling you BUY THEM NOW.  You won’t regret it!

Perfect Size Silicone Ice Cube Tray, Set of 2, “FREEZERS”, No Odor or Aftertaste!

Ordered these when the ice maker in my fridge broke and I’ll be honest, I never thought I could love ice trays so much.

But these handy ice trays are just FUN.  They are made of silicone, so, they are bendable and flexible and allow you to remove the ice cubes very easily.  Plus they are BIG – they make these perfect, large, square ice cubes that look just lovely in any drink – especially a little cocktail.

Since getting them, my ice maker has been fixed, so now I use these to make sugar-free chocolate bites, cheesecake bites, and popsicles!!  They are the perfect size for a little sweet snack and make removing the snack from the mold super-easy.  Plus, they are affordable (are you noticing a pattern here, that I like AFFORDABLE items 🙂 Even if you have a working ice maker, these are a useful thing to have around!!

Keto Hex Wipes 50 Wipes

I have the most adorable, precious, perfect English Bulldog, Isie.  I love her more than life and she is seriously the best dog ever.  I know everyone says that, but she really is.

Luckily, her health has been pretty good.  If you know anything about Bulldogs, you know they are prone to health problems, so I feel very grateful that she has very few.  But one that she does have is an inverted vagina.  (I won’t even try to explain it, look it up if you want, but it is pretty much exactly what it sounds like.) And this causes her to get TONSSS of urinary infections.  Which can be a pain to treat and make for expensive vet trips.

One way to combat these infections is to wipe her little hoo-ha after she pees.  I’ve tried baby wipes but these little wipes seem to work better than anything.  When I use them religiously, I definitely notice them cutting down on infections.  They are also great for cleaning her tail pocket, her paws, and her facial folds.  Basically, if your pup suffers from any kind of skin irritations or infections, these wipes will help clear it up quickly!!

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