Blog Organization Toolkit Printable Mega-Bundle

Staying organized in life is pretty important in order to be and remain successful, no matter what you do.


However, I’ve come to realize that being organized as a blogger is ESSENTIAL for success.


And as a former teacher, I am no stranger to hours spent in PowerPoint perfecting the perfect printable.  Which is why I created the original freebie I was offering last week – to help keep my new blogger-self organized.


I offered the non-editable version free to anyone and the editable version free to those who signed up/subscribed to my email list.


How’d it go?



I think maybe 5 people subscribed.


Which had me wondering why such a small turnout?  The sheets had been so useful for me, why didn’t anyone else want them??


I concluded that maybe they weren’t as popular as I had hoped for two main reasons:

  • Needed More Content: Even in just the past week, I have learned soooo many more ‘things’ that I need to keep track of as a blogger that I didn’t include in the original.  For experienced bloggers, the original bundle would have likely been lacking a lot of what they need to organize their blog and blogging life.  (You can see the full list of sheets included below for the additions that I’ve made.)


  • Design Issues: Personally, I thought the original sheets were super cute!  And therein lies the problem – they were too cute.  I made them with my former ‘teacher brain’ in the forefront, not my new and improved ‘blogging business lady brain’.

  So, I redesigned them with a more professional and ‘business-like’ look (hopefully without being too boring)!!


Freebie, Incentive, or Paid-Product?

My next question was, how should I distribute this?


I’ve learned that it is essential to have an email marketing system and that to get people to sign up, you really need to offer something in return (outside of the promise of weekly emails to keep them interested in your blog).


But as I posted on Facebook last night offering the new and improved sheets IF you sign up on my email list by visiting my blog, I just felt so sales-y.  It felt weird and sleazy and not like what I wanted to be doing.

So, I reached out the some of the amazing FB groups that I’m in and asked for opinions – is it too sales-y to offer this as an incentive for signing up to my email list?


The response was overwhelming!!  And 100% of the people that responded said that no question about it, I needed to offer this as an incentive, not give it away for free.


Some people even suggested making it a paid product! (Which until about ten minutes ago, I had no idea how to even do – now to see if people will actually pay for it.)


SO…with all that said…here is what I’m gonna do:

  • I am offering the full bundle (non-editable PDF printable) to anyone who subscribes to my email list. (Lucky for you guys who sign up, I have no clue what I’m doing with emails yet, so you can rest assured that you won’t get a flood of emails from me anytime soon.)


  • OR you can purchase an editable PowerPoint version for a $3.00 from my Shopify store (link at bottom of post), no email sign up required.


  • And finally, for those who sign up/subscribe and stay subscribed, I will be sending both the editable and non-editable version in a weekly email sometime in the coming month or so.

And those who stay subscribed will get newer versions as I continue to update and add to it over the coming weeks/months, plus bonuses like a list of FB Groups and Pinterest Group boards that I recommend, etc.)


Hopefully, that encourages people to sign up for my email list, but if all you really want is an editable version of the product and no emails, then there is an affordable option.


Alrighty, on to the good stuff…here is a list of what is included and a few screen shots to show you the product!

  • Blog Basics
  • Blog Palette
  • Blog Goals
  • Blog Post Ideas (x2)
  • Blog Post Planner (x2)
  • Scheduled Posts
  • Stock Photos
  • Affiliate Marketing (x2)
  • Other Ad Campaigns
  • Blog Tips + Tricks: Design and Marketing
  • Blog Tips + Tricks: Networking and Plugins/Widgets
  • Favorite Blogs + Bloggers (x2)
  • Helpful Resources
  • Passwords (x2)
  • Social Media Passwords
  • Social Media Planner
  • Hastags (x2)
  • Facebook Groups (x2)
  • Facebook Group Planner (x2)
  • Tailwind Tribes
  • Tailwind Tribes Planner (x2)
  • Courses to Take
  • E-books to Read
  • Emails to Send
  • Email Subscribers (x2)
  • Traffic Tracker (x2)
  • Brainstorming (3 different template designs)
  • Questions + Answers (x2)
  • Blank 2017 Monthly Calendar
  • Blank 2018 Monthly Calendar
  • Weekly Calendar + To-Do List (3 different template designs)
  • Daily/Weekly To-Do Combo
  • Daily To-Do Planner
  • Monthly Blog Goals (2 versions)
  • Monthly Blog Income
  • Monthly Blog Expenses
  • Yearly Blog Expenses (2 different templates)
  • Yearly Detailed Net Income Report
  • Blank Pages (x2)

Blog Organization Toolkit Printable Blog Organization Toolkit Printable Blog Organization Toolkit Printable Blog Organization Toolkit Printable Blog Organization Toolkit PrintableBlog Organization Toolkit Printable Blog Organization Toolkit Printable Blog Organization Toolkit Printable Blog Organization Toolkit Printable


Want to get your own copy of this blog organization toolkit printable??

  • Subscribe to my email list (in the sidebar or at the bottom of the website page for a non-editable version).

    • If you STAY subscribed, I will be sending an editable version in the coming weeks, plus bonuses!

  • Purchase the editable version now for $3.00 from my Shopify Store (accepts Paypal) — Click the ADD TO CART button below!

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