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Every item on this was chosen by a Woman's Day editor.

Getty Images 12 of 20 Sophia Sophia is one of the most popular baby names in the U. Getty Images 14 of 20 Hazel Naming your little girl after her big, gorgeous eyes is pretty unique, and it's one of the most adorable names we've ever heard.

1, most popular boy names

Whichever strategy they choose, there are plenty of great names. Getty Images 11 of 20 Aurora A baby girl name that's perfect for Disney-loving parents, we recommend binge-watching all the classics with your little one.

The name, meaning new, is growing in popularity, landing at spot 28 so far for Alexandra means "defending men" in Greek, so repeat after me: Who run the world? What better way to celebrate her new life than naming her after the gift itself?

+ unique girl names for

All names are reported based on the First Name field on the Cuge Security card application. The shorted name means pearl and is a gorgeous spring-sounding baby girl name. This girl is ready to earn her keep and show everyone who's boss. It's for a good reason — not only does the name mean "universal" in German, but it's a timeless moniker, with its popularity spanning all the way back to Jane Austen's era. Getty Images 10 of 20 Abby Do you see a daddy's girl coming your way?

Getty Images 13 of 20 Penelope Penelope is another timeless baby nameand it comes with a plethora of nicknames. The name is often in the top baby names lists but was even more popular back in the s.

Cute baby names

There is no right answer to naem questions -- just whatever the parents prefer. Chances are the perfect name will jump right out. The name was huge back in the s and has made a resurgence.

Whether you opt for Poppy, Penny, Nelly, or Nell is up to you! Does the family want a name that's more familiar?

Sweet and cute baby girl names with meanings

Both of those are cute options, too, but not as cute as just Ava. It means "maiden" in Greek, and can also be used as nickname for Coraline or Cordelia.

There are several TV characters with the name Lily and they, too, are cute. It also means "pledged to God" in Hebrew, so for devout familiesit's a win, nme.

The name means dawn, which would also be a pretty name for a girl. Getty Images 3 of 20 Alexandra Are you ready to raise one strong woman?

Getty Images 17 of 20 Serenity Instead of naming your daughter Grace, take the nontraditional route and give her a moniker with a similar meaning. Could naje be from the awareness, now, that gender is not binary.

20 cutest baby girl names |

In other words, you have one smartie on your hands! Both equally cute, though. Getty Images 5 of 20 Isabella The name, which can be shortened to Bella, is a beautiful way to pay homage to an Italian family.

The name is literally fit for a princess, especially after the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge named their little girl Charlotte. Same with any name inspired by or also given to a princess -- real or not -- is going to automatically be cute. If a baby girl is on the way and finding a cute baby girl name is important, here are 20 cute baby girl names to sift through.

+ sweet names for girls that are cute as a button

Arabella sounds like a princess and means answered prayer or beautiful altar. Every name reminds you of someone, or has fute positive or negative association that you don't want to incorporate into your baby's identity. Anything that's inspired by nature, especially flowers, is likely to give off a cutesy-vibe. -up for our newsletter to stay on top of the most popular baby names and trends. Harper namee out of the top ten inbut it's back!

Sweet and cute baby girl names with meanings

Ava means "life" and is thought to be a short form nickname for the names Aveza or Avia. Plus, with celebrities like Emma Stone, Emma Thompson, and Emma Watson to look up nam, why wouldn't you want to name your own star after one? Either way, your baby girl's name clearly represents true beauty.

It can be shortened to Brin for extra cuteness. Getty Images. The award for the largest jump on the list, making it the fastest-growing girl name in popularity, goes to Meghan.