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Friends pick up lines

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Good night. In a last-ditch effort to convince Janice not to leave him, Chandler yells out, "I'm hopeless and awkward and desperate for love!

Best 32 pick up lines for friends

In keeping with this character trait, his pick-up lines are often hilarious, or so awkward that they become funny. It's so good, in fact, that when Joey tells it to Ross he warns him that "you're going to want to have sex with me when you hear it.

While Joey doesn't have one main love interest throughout the show, he certainly tries. Do your legs hurt from running through my dreams all night?

Joey tribbiani’s best pick-up lines from ‘friends’ are the inspiration you need to go for it

When he frineds down Jill Goodacre's offer of gum, Chandler immediately regrets it, and reiterates, saying, "gum would be perfection. We should do it again sometime! The hit show from the '90s lasted ten seasons, and with good reason. You breathe oxygen, too? Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again? Are you a banana, because I find you a-peeling.

Friends: chandler's 15 most hilarious pick-up lines that are so bad they're good

Rachel introduces Chandler to Joanna and on hearing his name, Joanna comments, "Bing - that's a great name", to which Chandler responds, "Thanks. The characters are honest and relatable, and the vibe between their group of friends is something most everyone wants for themselves. The lnies is predictably awful, but Chandler considers himself lucky as he ends up meeting a beautiful woman named Aurora. After striking up a conversation with Rachel and listening to her complain about the possibility of not getting into college, Chandler says froends, maybe you can get in on a beauty scholarship.

It's simple, it's to the point, and it actually works.

I'll give you a call. And with his sweet smile and brilliant pick-up friencs, Joey certainly has a way with the ladies. Honestly, I would probably fall for it. It makes him seem sensitive and caring, and with his sweet smile, who could resist? See my friend over there?

Joey tribbiani’s best pick-up lines from ‘friends’ are the inspiration you need to go for it

Are you a beaver? So, here are a few of his best lines, to inspire you to up your game. Girl, I wish I could rearrange the alphabet and have U and I go bowling. As the occupant starts to emerge, Chandler irritatedly asks "Jeez man, did you fall But still, I'm pretty sure Joey Tribbiani invented this line, and it's the freinds representation of who he is: simple, sweet, and charming.

Joey Tribbiani is one of the main characters on the show, and certainly the most charming one, IMO. Are you a college professor?

Annoyed at discovering this and seeking revenge, Chandler decides to hit on Rachel as he knows Ross cares for her. Using Ross's baby.

Is this pick-up line worth trying? But it also has a unique fun. Giphy A classic. He tries to hide this for a few episodes, but of course, ends up failing spectacularly.

Friends quiz: which friend used these pick-up lines?

Answers at the end! More like this.

Is that a mirror in your pants? In a satisfying, adorable conclusion, the beloved Friends couple does end up together in this two-parter episode, but not before Chandler awkwardly flirts with Monica, saying things yp as, "Well, I have kissed over four women.

After Joey encourages him to face his fear, Chandler goes to the other extreme and asks Janice to move in with him, who in turn, freaks out about this new stage of commitment. He friend her with the line, "Excuse me, I seem to have dropped my ball" as if that will suddenly make her rip his clothes off.

Time really had little effect on Chandler's infamous antics, jokes, and all-around awkwardness, as he is often considered one of the most timeless elements of friends. This is crazy.

They say a girls best friend are her legs. but even the best of friends sometimes have to part.

Was your dad a boxer? Because I can see myself getting coffee with you and talking about our boy troubles. Sound good? Lined May 31st, by Meg Pelliccio: When it comes to Friends, Chandler was undoubtedly the comedy king in pretty much everything he did, whether he meant to be funny or not.

This episode is unforgettable and hilarious for many reasons, namely Ross' incident with a rogue cat and a musical of sorts from the gang, but easily the lined notable part of this episode was Chandler's predicament. Well, would you like to? Girl, are you sweatpants?

You must be the square root of 2 because I feel irrational around you.