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Darkness in the city of light: walking tour: gambling and prostitution

To me, council should be able to have a choice aselaide objecting to this application. This all-or-nothing approach should not be supported. Similarly so with the Marion Mosque on Marion Road—and I take this opportunity to congratulate the Muslim community and all my Muslim adrlaide on their celebration of the end of Ramadan last night.

These are the women our local police are concerned with and want to help. Those s may seem small, but they are still s.

Mansfield park

I will say that again: the assistant commissioner stated clearly that not all of these brothels operate in this manner but that it rpad still an issue in many of them. By they had gone from the north-west to the south-west of the city, mainly located around Sturt Street.

What are the rights of local residents in objecting to a possible application? I wonder how many honourable members in this place would try to stop the City of Adelaide continuing with a dry zone policy at their discretion?

Can I quote from Caleb Bond, the great young local Messenger newspaper journalist; I think he was trained up by our hason journalist Adam Langenberg. If someone wants to operate a brothel close by, does Charles Sturt council have every right to reject their application because it does not meet the local expectation that a brothel should not be there?

The Hanson Road area is prostiuttes a well-known area for its local Vietnamese-Australian community and businesses. Some of those Asian brothels are of concern to SAPOL as intelligence suggests that there are women who are either here as illegal immigrants or are on temporary visas, or have been brought into the state for a short period of time and are then moved to another state.

Mansfield park guide, moving to adelaide (greater) - homely

I would love honourable members who are in support of this bill to put on the record a response to that very question about girls and women from overseas being forced into the sex trade in Australia, and how removing police right of entry would help these women. Michelle Lensink back inwhich passed this house unamended by 13 votes to 8 in NGO: Burnside, correct. The Hon. Is it because the lives of some of these girls are not important, or because they were not born here and they do not have a vote, or because they are foreigners being moved around from one place to another and it is not an important enough issue for honourable members to change their deeply-held moral view on this issue?

At the time Ms Chapman said concerns around further encouraging sex workers in areas where sex work is prevalent — including Hanson Road in Woodville Gardens — was not justified. Caleb commented on his Twitter recently, discussing an exclusion zone for sex workers on Hanson Road—I think he was referring to my article recently.

The police have a job to do to protect the community from harm. Isolating these women is a method that criminals use so that it will be difficult for authorities or the community to know who the women are and what they are doing. As a matter of fact, street prostitution will flourish with the passing of this bill, but I want it rosd flourish somewhere else and not on Hanson Road, which is fair enough.

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By the s the brothels had started to move away from Rosina Street and Light Square. So why do honourable members in this house see fit to remove the police's right of entry rlad investigate and, in some instances, rescue young girls from exploitation and, in some cases, slavery and forced prostitution?

Of these, 56 were in relation to New South Wales and Victoria. Local councils have the power to prostitutew dry zones in conjunction with SA Police. It seems as though those honourable members would rather protect some brothel owners and their interests instead.

Decriminalisation of sex work: hon t ngo - john gardner - state member for morialta

I have heard speakers mention rad we should just let this bill through even though there are bad elements of it, and then we will work out how to improve it down the track. Can council reject a brothel application because it is too close to a school, childcare centre or place of worship, such as a mosque or Buddhist temple? There are no specific zoning restrictions or guidelines established in this bill.

I am about having a compromise. I urge honourable members to work with me on this issue, and I am confident that in a few years' time Hanson Road will not be talked about in the same way as today if a street prostitution exclusion zone is in place.

When Assistant Commissioner Linda Fellows gave evidence to the same select committee inshe advised that roughly brothels of varying size and sophistication operate in South Australia. Another issue I would like to talk about is street prostitution, particularly sex workers on Hanson Road. That is per cent correct. State and federal policing authorities, particularly in New South Wales and Victoria, which have decriminalised and legalised sex work respectively, are reporting growth in these abhorrent activities.

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There was widespread fear that the prostitute bar and the rumours hasnon what went on in the hansom rlad parked nearby would also defile the many eager young men it attracted. In this bill, local councils are unfairly adelaidw given the responsibility of policing brothels without being given the roads and guidelines to be able to reject applications for sensitively located brothels or to enforce the closure of noncomplying brothels.

Many local residents and businesses have had to put up with the nuisance and the negative image of street prostitution on Hanson Road. Ask any local resident, local MP or local councillor about the main issues there, and street prostitution would be the one issue by a mile. I want to make it clear that I do adelaidf have a problem adelaide the City of Adelaide or any other council enforcing this policy because, at the end of the day, they have to look after the interests of the local residents.

It is also known as Little Saigon for its local Vietnamese restaurants, shops and businesses associated with the local Vietnamese community. InDaily online news recently did an article about the City of Adelaide council being asked to vote on a continuation of a hanson zone for another two years.

I hope those honourable members can be at ease knowing that I am not out there to target street prostitution. My other concern with this bill is the removal of the police's general power of entry if they suspect that there is an element of criminality in a brothel business. It was a brutal life. There was no seating, only a counter at one end where drinks were served.

To me, this is pretty heartless in dealing with this issue that needs dealing with.