Meet Me



Meet Me: Professionally

Hey!  I’m Margot Carmichael…former teacher turned freelance content writer, blogger, photographer, and creative entrepreneur!


As a writer, my main focus is content writing and blogging. I’ve written for a variety of blogs and online publications (see my portfolio) in order to help those clients increase traffic to their websites with my ability to write original, engaging content, my understanding of SEO, and my extreme attention to detail.


I’m also well-versed in both technical & creative writing, curriculum design, PowerPoint design, re-writing, and article writing.


I’ll be honest, as a writer, I feel like a bit of a chameleon.


Naturally, my writing has an easy, conversational tone. But when necessary, I’m able to shift into any number of different writing styles with ease – technical and explanatory, polished and professional, persuasive, informative, etc.


I pride myself on being well-versed in a variety of different topics –

  • education
  • health + fitness
  • technology
  • DIY
  • Cooking
  • Relationships
  • product reviews


I would love to discuss the possibility of working together, or just connect in a professional sense – please head on over to my contact page to get in touch!

Meet Me: Personally

Well, to be completely transparent, I’m kind of re-figuring out who I am and what direction my life is headed – at 35 years old.  I know – yikes.


I lost my Mom to cancer a little over a year ago, got divorced shortly after, and not too long after that, decided to quit teaching and become a full-time freelance writer.  (Geesh, it sounds like a bad Lifetime movie when I actually write it out like that!)


ANYWAYS, it goes without saying that it was a lot of big change in a very small amount of time.


Which is probably the word that defines my life most accurately right now – change.  And change is HARD.


For the longest time, I thought I had it all figured out – career, marriage, house – life was normal.  But,  as we all know, life is unpredictable and this past year showed me that I 100000000% DO NOT have it figured out.


Which is why I am now starting from square one.  I am simply trying to figure out who I am today, what I want to do with my life, what I am passionate about, and what makes me happy.  Genuinely happy.


I will admit, there is a certain ‘free-ness’ to it – but at 35 years old, it’s also scary as hell.


Sooooo, I am not sure exactly what to tell you about me personally since I am kind of just figuring myself out – but, there are a few constants in my personal life:

  • I am a creative at heart – I love writing, drawing, doodling – creating.  Especially creating DIY projects. My apartment looks like an ad for Pinterest DIY and  you can regularly find me trolling the local Goodwill to find something to up-cycle or refurbish.
  • I love my English Bulldog. She is my BFF(sad, I know), has been by my side through all the up’s and down’s, and literally goes everywhere with me – even Goodwill (thanks to her Certified Emotional Service Dog status – but really, aren’t all dogs emotionally serving us in some way?  I suppose that’s another discussion entirely…)  ANYWAYS, I love her to bits and am currently on a weight loss journey with her thanks to our similar body types.
  • I am a habitual TV binge-watcher – need a show recommendation? I’ve seen ALL of them.
  • I love food and cooking and being in the kitchen and drinking wine while I cook – hence the above-mentioned need for a weight loss journey.
  • I’m imperfect.  But I’m also determined to use my imperfections + life experience to create my best life ever.  And while I’m not quite sure how to do that exactly, it’s on my never-ending list of things to figure out.


I could probably write more, but let’s be honest, most of you have likely already clicked on to the next page by now…


If by any chance I have peaked your interest and you want to know more about myself, my life, or what I can do for you professionally, please contact me!!


And with that, I’ll leave you with an annoyingly adorable picture of my bulldog, Isie.